The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute was created by, and is a part of, the nonprofit, non-denominational Christian organization. Our mission is to help train and educate those who are called into the service of our Lord. 

Through our  programs, this may be accomplished without the need to leave your work, home, family, or any other commitments you may have. Some of our programs lead to certification as a Christian Worker, or even Ordination as a minister of our Lord. 

Through the New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute, we can help to educate you, and even put to work what you already know. The knowledge gained over years of service and experience is used to help you fulfill the degree program you enter. All documented learning and experiences are assessed and compared to the requirements of the selected degree program. However, depending upon the degree level, you will still need to do a Paper, a Senior Paper, a Master's Thesis, or a Doctoral Dissertation. 

Our goal is to prepare you for the work that lies ahead and equip for the service of our Lord.  

Mission Statement