What is a Life Experience Degree?

Life Experience Degree, as the name says it all, are degrees awarded to those individuals who have demonstrated core competencies of knowledge, skills and experience in a certain field of interest. The prior experience can include military service, work experience, prior college, certificates of achievement, travel, professional development courses and workshops, community and volunteer services, or anything. The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is currently awarding life experience degrees by assessing the prior experience of individuals using different methods. 

Why Should You Get an Experience Based Degree?

There is no denying the fact that life experience degree holders are treated equally by most of the employers and educational institutions. In today’s world, the importance of having a degree can’t be denied. A person having same experience like yours, or even lesser, can be given preference just because he has a degree in hand. 

A study shows that between 90-95 per cent of employers and ministries have no problems in hiring individuals with a life experience degree. So why should you wait when you can have your desired degree without any problems, just by showing the relevant experience.

The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute offers degrees for Life Experience in various areas of ministry. The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute has been empowering workers in the field of Ministry for Christ since 2002, and we aren't going anywhere. Our highly specialized degree curriculum have been developed in collaboration with graduates from some of the most distinguished Seminaries and Colleges in the world. 

In order to qualify for a life experience degree in its purest form, you will need to have an equivalent number of years of successive and progressive learning and training on the job or service to the community or serving humanity in a worthy cause.  

The requirement for a Life Experience Degree

TUITION: $500.00 Plus $50.00 non-refundable application fee:

To earn a Life Experience Degree from The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute. The student will need to do the following: 
1. Download and complete the application and submit tuition
2. Be aleast 40 years of age
3. Prepare a resume and verify minimum of 10 years of ministerial experience.  
4. Write a 5 page typed double space essay on why they want the Degree and how will this degree enhance their ministry. Once all material is turned in and reviewed with tuition. The student will be awarded their beautiful degree with gold seal, suitable for framing, along with transcript.  

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Life Experience Degree Program