The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is  Accredited by The World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is part of the non-denominational Christian organization,  which is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Louisiana.

If you are planning on using a degree from us for use at another education institution, or for licensing or credentialing, or for advancement at your place of employment, we advise you to check with that school, organization, agency, entity, etc., to see if a degree from The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is acceptable to them. This should be done before enrolling in any degree program.


The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, religious or denominational background, or physical handicap. Every student is admitted to the same programs, and is allowed the same rights, privileges, and honors.


Perhaps you already knew what a degree could cost, and that many schools simply price their degrees above what the average student can afford. Why should a school charge more than is necessary for its regular operation and reasonable growth projections?  The cost of a degree or the amount of time involved does not necessarily increase the quality of education.  So, why pay an exorbitant fee for the very same degree that you can get elsewhere for much less money?   

The goal of The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is to provide students with the finest Biblical education, at the lowest possible cost. Thus, we have deliberately priced our degrees very low, because we think we can do more good for more people this way. Our educational philosophy and methods are not unique, but in the matter of finances we are unique. Our sole purpose is to train and prepare you, so that you can transform the world.


The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute no longer awards scholarships because of the affordable tuition options, and interest-free payment plans. 
This help us to keep Administration costs low therefore allowing us to keep our programs affordable to our students.


There is a discount of 25% off the tuition, at any degree level, for the following:

  • Members of the Clergy and Church Administration.
  • Missionaries of the Gospel.
  • Veterans.
  • Active Military.
  • Persons who are incarcerated.
  • Persons on low or fixed incomes.

Before a discount may be given, the circumstances through which it is given must be verified.


Q.   Who can enroll in The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute (TNTBCBI)?                                                            
 A.   Anyone who has a high school diploma or GED or above.

Q.   What denomination is TNTBCBI?
A.   We are Non-Denomination Ministry and Biblical Institute our teachings are based solely on the word of God,                 but  we have students of all denominations.

Q.   Which Bible does TNTBCBI use?
A. We use the King James Version (KJV) because we believe that this  version is the inspired Word of God.

Q.   What can I do if I am not attending Church, but I want to learn the Word  of God?

A.  We accept any student regardless of belief, however we teach from the King James Version (KJV) and ask our                              students to answer tests according to what the professor taught and then add any personal beliefs or disagreements if                  desired.

Q.    Does TNTBCBI have a website that people can browse?

A.     Yes, the web address is

Q.    Does TNTBCBI have a brochure or catalog that can be mailed to prospective students?

A.   We do not have a catalog, however the same information that would appear in a catalog appears on our           website online at 

Q.   Are the courses at TNTBCBI online?

A.   The courses at TNTBCBI are distance learning, but they are not online. We have courses that we mail out or                 e-mail  to the perspective student.

Q.   Do you offer Financial Aid to students?
A.   We do not offer financial aid, but our tuition is low and affordable which allows us to offer a quality education.

 Q.   Is TNTBCBI accredited?
A.    Yes, we are privately accredited through The World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education out of               Columbia, SC.

Q.   Do you plan to seek regional (governmental) accreditation?

A.    We have considered this many times, but we have always opted to remain privately accredited because of the                          governmental red tape and rules involved in governmental accreditation.

Q.   Does TNTBCBI have a campus?

A.   We do not have a campus where students come to take classes—we have an office complex. 

Q.    Is a student required to attend any courses or seminars on campus?
A.    No


Q.    How can I get started?
A.    There are several ways to enroll: 
1). Select from our website the program you are applying for. 
2). Download and complete the application. 
3). Mail the completed application back to us along application fee, full tuition payment or select one of our  payment 
                  options depending upon the program of choice.  

Q.    If I fill out an application and mailed it back, how do I know if you received it?

A.   We compile your information and respond to your application within 7 to 10 business days (allow extra time for                          weekends and holidays). If you have not received a response in that time period, you should call the institute to see               if there is some kind of error.

Q.   What do I do after I fill out the application?

A.   Mail the application back with the $50.00 application fee and ½ or full tuition payment in a check or money                     order made payable to The New Testament Bible Church or you may use a debit or credit card and pay through 
       paypal located on our website.

Q.    How much do I have to pay to get started?
A.   There is the $50.00 non-refundable application fee and depending on the program you are enrolling in ½ or full                           tuition payment is required when application is returned and the balance is required at the completion of the course         before you can obtain your degree and transcript.  

Q.   Are there any discounts if the spouse is in a different program?
A.    A spouse can enroll at TNTBCBI for 1/2 of the program’s total cost and must enroll at the same time as the                 husband/wife.


Q.   How are my courses mailed and when will they arrive?
A.   The are sent by regular US Postal Service and should arrive within 10-14 business days. (Foreign students should             wait an additional week).

Q.   How do I know which course to start with?
A.   That decision is entirely up to you.

Q.   Do I take one course at the time and send it in for a grade?
A.   Again, that decision is up to you. You can send one at a time or wait and send all of them together.

Q.   How do I keep up with my progress?

        A. TNTBCBI sends out grade reports once a month so that you can keep a record of your progress.   

Q.    Can I call and check on my grades?
A.   You can call, but we ask that you call only after you have waited the full month and have not heard anything We                     know it is important, but please try to be patient.

Q.    What is the grading scale at TNTBCBI?
A.   Our grading scale is: (A) 90-100; (B) 80-89; (C) 70-79; (D) 60-69; (F) Below 60  We also use I for Incomplete to let             you know that part of the test was  either missing or done wrong. Any grade above 60 is considered as passing,  but a                  (D) is not transferable.

Q.   Can I retake a test?
A.    Yes you can retake any test once at no extra charge. There is a $50 charge for extra retakes after the first. Both of the                    grades are averaged together.

Q.   How can I get help on a test?
A.   Our staff can usually answer your questions, but if not, we have access to each of our adjunct faculty members                       who  can help you.

Q.   Can I exempt courses that I have already taken?
A.    TNTBCBI is glad to work with you—we can exempt courses in some cases, or use replacement courses.  This                 will require a copy of a transcript from previous schools.

Q.   If I am not doing my courses, do I still have to pay?
A.    Yes, you must pay your tuition regardless of whether you are doing coursework. You may drop from the program                       but there is no refund of tuition that has already been paid. 

Q.   Is there a time limit on my coursework?
A.    In our programs, there is no time limit on how long it takes you to complete your courses. You work at your                        own pace.

Q.   How will I know what I made on a test?
A.    The grade department sends out grade reports every month, so please try to allow that much time before calling                    to check on a grade.

Q.   What can I do if I want to change my program of study?
A.    You will need to write a letter to TNTBCBI with your request and the course you are requesting to change to.                       The  change will cost $100 in order to reship new courses. You will need to send the letter in to us so that we can                  attach it to your file.


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