The field of Biblical studies examines the major Scriptural themes and the main topics of the Sacred Scriptures. Also examined are the various doctrines of the Word of God; that which is devoted to the fundamental beliefs of the Holy Bible.


Christian counseling examines the use of Christian and Biblical truths in counseling. The goals and techniques used to reach those goals are examined, as well as the differences between secular and Christian counseling.


The study of Christian education examines the theory and practice of providing educational services to members of the Christian community. Emphasis is placed on training in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the development of Christian Character.


The study of Christian philosophy is an examination of the field of philosophy from a Christian perspective. The works of various Christian philosophers are examined, both secular and Christian, along with the different views of reality, death, right and wrong, the concept of God, and the existence of God, among others.


Church administration examines the various ways that a church, ministry, or other nonprofit organization keeps and maintains its records. It examines how to determine which programs are best for an organization and how to develop new programs. Also examined are the legal aspects that are faced by all nonprofit organizations.


Divinity is the study of the one and only Deity. It examines the supreme, infinite, and eternal qualities of the Almighty; pertaining to the Divine Godhead, the Holy Trinity. Also examined is that which is inspired by God.


The study of the ministry pertains to the work of the Lord and the service of God. Also covered is the training in the performance, duties, and responsibilities that come with being a member of the clergy.


Pastoral counseling deals with the pastor, or other member of the clergy, in the role of counselor. Examined are the various Biblical truths, and how they relate to counseling today. 


A study of the religious dimension in the lives of individuals, communities, and cultures. This will be accomplished by examining topics such as God, scripture, ritual, values, ethical issues and Christianity.


Theology is the study of God and the expanding of Christology; the relationship between God and man. Also examined is the cultivation of the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

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