The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute for Biblical Studies exists to provide advanced biblical training to men and women  within the context and comfort of their own home and at their own pace.   

The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute seeks to continue the restoration of the church by emphasizing the importance of biblical theology. We help to increase your capacity for ministry through a growing knowledge of the Word of God and how it speaks to life. 

The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is Accredited by The World Council of Post Secondary and Religious Education. Our study programs are available for both men and women who want to be engaged and challenged in the ongoing formal study of the Scriptures and Theology as well as those who are preparing for ordained ministry. 

The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is not a seminary, but does provide ministerial students with the unique opportunity to study and train within a covenant community. This allows students to not merely theorize about working, serving, relating, and worshiping within the church, but to actually take part in the day-to-day life of the body with many opportunities for putting those theories to practice and making our world a better place for all. 

At The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute, you will discover resources and insights that will prepare you for a life of service.  All students are provided a course of study that is geared towards their calling. The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute offers 100% Internet Online and Distant Learning (correspondence) Programs. We have an open door policy. The student may begin their degree program at any time. Students may complete the degree program at their own pace. Once completed and all financial obligations have been met, the degree will be awarded.

We offers 100% distance learning Certificates, Diplomas and Degree Programs in Biblical studies, Biblical Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Philosophy, Church Management/Leadership, Christian Education, Religion, Divinity, and Theology. These Programs are self-paced and accelerated courses for those who would like to obtain their Certificates, Diplomas, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and Doctor's Degree/PhD. 

Another goal of The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute is to provide all students with the finest Biblical education, at the lowest possible cost. Thus, we have deliberately priced our degrees very low, because we think we can do more good for more people this way. Our educational philosophy and methods are not unique, but in the matter of finances we are unique. 

The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute in conjunction with the World Natural Health Organization (WNHO) are now offering certifications and professional credentials in many fields and at various levels of expertise, to qualified individuals. Many of the  professional certifications come in three different levels, registered, licensed, and certified. Registered is for those with a bachelor's degree or lower. Licensed is for those who possess a master's degree. Certified is for those with a doctoral degree and/or completed postdoctoral work. 

Lastly, If your path is to become a Pastor, Minister, Evangelist, or a Missionary and it requires being license and ordain, we can help. We have the legal authority to license and ordain you through our church, The New Testament Bible Church, this will enable you to serve as a Minister. The New Testament Bible Church Ministries gives you the legal authority of ordination, and the legal authority to begin your ministry. Becoming a license and ordain minister (ordain clergy) is the most important thing you can do to start your ministry or church. As a Ordain Minister you will have the legal authority to start a church, become an evangelist, perform weddings, officiate funerals, become a missionary, and much more. Many new opportunities will be open to you as a ordain minister. Ordination makes it possible. 

All of our programs here at The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute will enhance your personal and professional life as well as your ministry.  We train and prepare you, so that you can transform the world. 

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"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you." 
St. John 15:16 (KJV) 

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